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Nils Thiessen – Climate Catharsis

(Note: This article was written before the coronavirus changed everyday patterns of behavior for billions of people around the world.) Currently, the climate crisis seems to be pushing humanity towards serious problems, if not outright disaster. The emotions this can result in should be the seed for activism, not result in paralysis. Never in its…

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Living the present with an eye on the future

Imagine this scene. You take a deep breath, relax your neck. You just finished the last assignment and the exam period is over. You get up, exit the building, start riding your bike and finally, after an entire block, you have the feeling that the air on your face is purer and a weight has…

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Mario Parolari – Studying PPE means living in a bubble

In the rare situations in which happens that I meet new students from Utrecht University it is always a similar story. We introduce starting with names and nationalities, and then we arrive at a point in which we are both curious to know what the other studies. For more than one year I’ve been repeating…

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