PPE Community: The Extracurricular Programme


What is thee extracurricular program?

The extracurricular program consists of course-dependent (ex. Guest Speaker Evenings) and course-independent (ex. Pizza & Professor, Committee and Club activities, band) activities primarily developed by the students themselves with partial help from the PPE College Utrecht staff where necessary.

Some of our regular events include:

The Intro Days: 1-2 days full of intellectua and social activities aimed at welcoming the newly admitted cohort of students. Organized by a SocialCo and AcademiCo committees, supported by PPE student support.


Guest Speaker Evenings: originally known as the ‘Week 6 Evening Debates’, these have now evolved into AcademiCo Speaker series. They constitute discussion/debate between an academic and a professional on a ‘hot’ issue of interest that also related to the courses of the block they are organized in. They take place once per block. Organized by AcademiCo.


End-of-Year Conference (EYC): this is our end of year event, which showcases our students’ interdisciplinary work (from research pieces to film-making) and brings together the entire PPE community for a stimulating, but also fun end of year event. At the end of the conference, we host our annual end of year BBQ (or pizza party). There is a special ‘seasonal’ committee in charge.


Pizza & Professor program: under this program, each student (or a group of students) can invite a professor to an informal meeting where they can discuss interesting topics outside of class and have pizza lunch or dinner together. Students initiate this.


Student Initiated Funding (SIF): in order to support the initiatives of students, the PPE Board makes 3 calls-for-initiative per year, where a certain budget is allocated to student driven initiaves. All existing committees/clubs, as well as all in-the-making groups are eligible to apply.


Committees/groups/clubs that have shaped-up thus far:

  • Academic Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Descartes Committee
  • Cinema Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Charity Committee
  • And many more… for more details, check out the Metis webpage.