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Nils Thiessen – Climate Catharsis

(Note: This article was written before the coronavirus changed everyday patterns of behavior for billions of people around the world.) Currently, the climate crisis seems to be pushing humanity towards serious problems, if not outright disaster. The emotions this can result in should be the seed for activism, not result in paralysis. Never in its…

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Living the present with an eye on the future

Imagine this scene. You take a deep breath, relax your neck. You just finished the last assignment and the exam period is over. You get up, exit the building, start riding your bike and finally, after an entire block, you have the feeling that the air on your face is purer and a weight has…

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Introduction: What is the ARGO blog?

Dear PPEople, Finally, after a long organization period, we are online. We are the PPE Editorial Committee and we are proud to unveil the first edition of ARGO  namely, the new PPE Opinion Blog. Argo is the blog where you can find articles and opinion pieces about all those aspects of the four PPE subjects…

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Roemer van Wijk – Gun control is not a solution to mass shootings

Under the Second Amendment, American citizens have the right to own firearms, except for African-American citizens, at least so Democratic politicians once argued in the racist ‘gun control’ laws it enacted. These laws prevented African-Americans from obtaining guns, making them defenseless against the KKK and white nationalists. Civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., owned…

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Pepijn van IJperenburg – The popular inheritance tax

Most taxes are never loved by citizens, and they would rather pay less than more. Especially, inheritance tax seems remarkably hated. When the discussion about the dividend tax was being held in the Netherlands, the popular argument was made by political party Forum for Democracy to keep that government income in order to abolish inheritance…

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Mario Parolari – Studying PPE means living in a bubble

In the rare situations in which happens that I meet new students from Utrecht University it is always a similar story. We introduce starting with names and nationalities, and then we arrive at a point in which we are both curious to know what the other studies. For more than one year I’ve been repeating…

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Jesse Magin – The decay of the EU

When having paid closer attention to EU politics in recent past one might have noticed that a rather new term has found its way into European politics: the so-called “coalition of the willing”. Countries that have an interest in extended European coordination and cooperation form alliances of the willing to deepen their relations while avoiding…

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